When someone possesses a specific memory from a moment in their lives, it is often said that they can recall their complete environment in tremendous detail. The sights, sounds, people – all of the pieces that put together a good story to tell their friends and loved ones, even many years later. For us at Look Park, we’ve been fortunate to provide nearly 100 years of those memories, so much so that when people hear the name “Look Park,” it is usually followed up with the phrase, “I remember when…”

This year, as our theme, we want to hear your “I remember when…” stories. Whether it was a wedding, concert, event, family outing, or just a stroll through on a random occasion, your stories make up the fabric of our beloved park.

We will be proudly displaying some of them throughout the park for our thousands of visitors to see throughout the year. In addition to your story, your donation this year allows for us to sustain our beautiful park and allow for even more memories to be created in 2023.

We rely on the support of our community to keep Look Park the gem that it is, and we couldn’t do it without you.

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