Gaby Immerman and John Sinton, two of the founders of the Mill River Greenway Initiative, will lead a river walk from the Hotel Bridge in Leeds, past Cook’s Dam, and down onto the river’s flood plain, which is Look Park. Along the way we will walk through two hundred million years of geological time from the rocky hilltowns to the bed of glacial Lake Hitchcock. We will be following the path of the devastating 1874 Williamsburg Flood that emptied its tragic remains
on Look Park.

We will experience the vital importance of Look Park as a link in our evolving Mill River Greenway from Williamsburg to Arcadia Wildlife Refuge.
Participants will meet at the park Garden House at 9:45 am and leave promptly at 9:55 am to carpool to Leeds. The approximate 1.5 mile walk will take about two hours, ending at the park at noon.

Registration, limited to 15 people.
Rain Date: Thursday, June 6, 2024 (same time).
This is a free event.



Gaby Immerman holds a joint appointment as biology faculty and as the experiential learning specialist at the Botanic Garden of Smith College. She is actively engaged with numerous regional land and food justice projects, including Grow Food Northampton, the Mill River Greenway, and Hilltown Land Trust.

John Sinton is a historian of landscapes and rivers. He is a teacher, outdoorsman, and passionate advocate for land use that honors the deep past and community health. He has written books and articles on the history of landscapes and is currently engaged in working with Grow Food Northampton and the Mill River Greenway.


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