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from Lindsay M.

I remember watching my son and daughter, ages 6 and 2, ride the train for the first time in 2022! It was so amazing to see the excitement on their faces when the train turned the last corner into the station. We all will forever remember that moment!

From Kristi Y.

I remember when a group of us from UMass would go over to the Park for a day or an afternoon and hang out by the Creek. That would have been sometime in 1969 or 1970!

From Sara P.

I remember when our Hilltown elementary schools would go to Look Park for a picnic day near the end of the school year in June. Oh, how we loved the paddle boats and train through the tunnel and the high diving board at the pool! circa 1960.

From Robert B.

As a “kid” growing up in Easthampton during the 1950s and ’60s, it was always a special treat when during our Sunday rides in the area our folks would take us to Look Park, usually to have fun at the “old” playground where we could slide down the huge metal slide, or run and spin on the “Merry Go Round”, powered by the other kids who then jumped on the ride…and sometimes falling off! We could also take a swim in, (what I remember), was a cemented “stream” between the river and the grill. Does anyone else remember this little swimming area?! In the winter we could skate on the ice rink at the athletic field…a fun and safe day in the Park!

From Maura B.

I remember when my nephew Tom was young, we would go on a journey to the Mohawk Trail to Look Park. We would have nothing planned except for what we found walking around the grounds – any season would do. We especially would like to go in the cold weather because we loved how peaceful it was with so few people! I treasure these memories as we talked and discussed so many things along the path of the park. We often would feed the ducks and have a great time. He is now 40 years old and remembers these memories fondly with me!

From Linda G.

I got married at the amphitheater to my husband Thomas, and it was a truly amazing experience!

From Ethan C.

I remember when I went to Santa’s Trains for the first time and was stunned to see all of the trees and villages lit up. It was like something out of a storybook and I can’t imagine the time and effort it takes to put it together. It’s become a family tradition around the holidays and something we look forward to every year.

From Jimmy W.

I remember spending a week every summer with my Grandmother who lived in Florence and we always made a trip to look park. When I was little we would visit the wading pool and giant jungle gym. Swan Boats, the Zoo and a nice breakfast at the Pancake house (any time of day). When I was older I was able to ride my bike over and go swimming in the large pool, visit the animals at the zoo, and get some pancakes. Still enjoy the Swan Boats, miss the swimming pool and Pancake House, but still enjoy the zoo and the paddle boats and just walking around. I try to go at least once a year!

From Mary P.

I remember when the Northampton Recreation Department in the 1950’s offered a “free bus” to children in Northampton area that would bring us to Look Park to swim in the pool. We would pack a lunch, eat when we got there, wait 1/2 an hour then go to the pool and swim until it was time to leave on the bus at 4 pm. What a great childhood it was back then!

From Robert B.

And, on the Fourth of July, we always went to see the fireworks display which we viewed with crowds of folks who came for a great night out. During the summer we always had to ride the train, and I can remember the riders, young and old, “screaming” as they rode through the tunnel. After retiring, I returned to the Park to walk and take-in the natural beauty and landscaping maintained by the Look Park grounds and maintenance crews (year-round!) and the volunteers. The employees are always friendly and I enjoy stopping for a chat. It’s especially great to become “friends” with the patrons whom I meet on a regular, (and sometimes daily), basis, walking for good health and pleasure, as well as sometimes reuniting with former co-workers and acquaintances.

From Christine & John L.

I always remember enjoying our walks at Look Park, it brings back so many wonderful memories. We enjoyed our family growing up in the park and spending time with another one.

From Chelsea J.

I remember when one of my best friends got married at the Sanctuary in 2018. It was a beautiful day and the views were amazing. The photos came out perfectly and it was a moment we all look back on fondly. The park is so special to many of us that there are so many stories I could tell, but being with all of my friends during that special day takes the cake.

From Loretta R.

I remember when I was there as a very young child in the 40s walking there with my family and using the wading pool. How many remember the changing area that was closer to the river? When I grew older and could go there on my own, the kids on my street used to spend the day there in the large pool, visiting the totem pole, and the amphitheater.

From Mindy B.

I have lots of good memories going back many years of Look Park, and my son Ben does too. He has been volunteering for many years at the park and zoo with Sunshine Village a program for individuals who have disabilities . I asked him about his favorite memory of the park and he said it was in September of 2019 when he had a Cherry Tree dedicated in his honor for his work at the Zoo. It was a very special day and honor for him. He views the zoo and park as a very special place he loves. Over the Covid shutdown he proved this by painting over 2000 paintings and selling them to raise money for his friends the animals. That day made him feel very special, and as a mom it warmed my heart to see the staff at the park show him such kindness and make him feel so special!

From Mike E.

I vividly recall spending a lot of time at Look Park from the time I was 5 until I left for college. Now, even though we live an hour plus away, we try to get back to the Park as much as we can. It holds a special place for us as a family. My earliest and best memories of the park are the multiple summers weeks I spent there at “summer better than others camp”. Dropped off at 730 or 8am and picked up at 4pm. Full days of games, fun, and swimming at the pool. Then right back at it the next day. Look Park is a treasure and I look forward to our continued involvement in its upkeep.

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