Pines Theater

An Iconic Venue of Western Massachusetts

You’ve picnicked here. Your kids have ridden the train. You walked loops around the Sanctuary – with or without the dogs.  You attended weddings and soaked up the sun, here. You know it as Look Park. And you know that signature stone archway as its theater, as The Pines.

The Pines isn’t Broadway or some hollowed-out, cookie-cutter arena, way out of the way. You won’t get stuck in some creaky old chair. What the Pines Theater is, is something we can call our own. Right here, right in the neighborhood and down the block. It’s music all summer long, on your lawn chair, under the stars…and, under those pine trees.

Two words come to mind: Majestic and intimate.

It’s the music you want to hear. Think John Fogerty. Lyle Lovett. Even Tom Jones, Nora Jones, and Bob Dylan. It’s the wedding, the occasions, the concerts for the causes you care about. It’s a venue for musicians who care about their patrons. And patrons who care about their community. A community known for giving back.

And now, it’s the Pines Theater that needs some playing for. She’s got a glorious history. And with history comes upgrading and preserving.

Thank you to everyone who attended Playin’ for the Pines! If you haven’t donated to the Pines Theater and you would like to, click on the link below!

Events & Important Information

For nearly 100 years, the Pines Theater has played host to some of the most iconic performers and artists in the world. The Pines also is one of the most popular places for community celebration – whether it’s a school graduation, a beautiful wedding, or a local event in supporting a worthy cause.

The Pines Theater summer concert series is run exclusively by DSP Shows – an events and promotions company with long ties to Western Massachusetts. If you have any concert-related questions, please visit their frequently asked questions (FAQs) page at the link below or directly to them via their contact page.

  • General inquiries:
  • Booking-related inquiries:
  • Phone: (607) 280-2900
  • Ticket inquiries:

Pines Theater Address: 300 North Main St. Florence, MA 01062

Weddings and Rentals

History of the Pines Theater

Below is a copy of the Smith College Alumnae magazine from 1942, detailing the building and future of the newly-created Pines Theater at Look Memorial Park,  followed by original and modern-day photos.

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